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Re: [GSoC] Accepted student ready to work : )


Hi, Elena!

On May 22, Elena Stepanova wrote:
> *ATTN Sergei:*
> I think in any case we'll have to rely on the fact that your script will 
> choose tests not from the whole universe of tests, but from an initial 
> list that MTR produces for this particular test run. That is, it will go 
> something like that:
> - test run is started in buildbot;
> - MTR collects test cases to run, according to the startup parameters, 
> as it always does;
> - the list is passed to your script;
> - the script filters it according to the algorithm that you developed, 
> keeps only a small portion of the initial list, and passes it back to MTR;
> - MTR runs the requested tests.

Right, that'd be good in production.
Unfortunately, in the historical data we don't have this information.

But we have the list of changed files for every commit.
Which means - when a new test file is added (or, may be, modified), it
could be treated as if it has failed recently, and added to the test