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Java Connector Coding till 12th June


Hi Everyone,

This week,
I was able to send the com_stmt_execute command from the *Driver * in the
way it is accepted by the MariaDB server
So, Now I am able to insert a row in the database using com_stmt_execute
But from the console when I try to see the values I see *NULL*
I used *Wireshark* to capture the packets,but I can see the value(Varchar
/Int/..etc) is passed in the packet which wireshark captures.
I am investigating the code but could not find anything till now.
In Wireshark it shows* [Expert Info (warn/undecoded) :FIXME: Excute
Dissector Incomplete]*
Now I think I am  not sending the values in a correct format.Will look and
try to resolve it.


On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 10:42 PM, Puneet Dewan <puneetd30@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> The work done till 5th June:
> 1.I started studying the connector immediately after my semester exams got
> over(5th May).
> 2. Understood the relationship between different classes.
> 3.Read the MySql documentation for text protocol and map the commands from
> documentation onto code.This thing gave a clear idea about how things are
> moving from client to server.
> 4.Setup the code on Ubuntu using eclipse and tested against database.
> Setup the Team branch in launchpad.
> 5.Debug the test classes to see how different classes are interlinked and
> understood that MySQLProtocol.java is the heart of our JDBC driver.
> 6.Then I started reading Client Server Protocol documentation i.e
> ServerSide prepared statement and try to see how and where I have to code
> it.
> 7.Then I saw that there is a class MySqlServerSidePreparedStatement.java,
> Initially I coded the prepareStatement() ,close(),and execute() in that
> class seperately.
> But after (Code review) discussion with Massimo, we donot need to use that
> class.
> Instead use MySqlPreparedStatement.java to do the same work.So made
> changes accordingly.
> 8.I had pushed some of the code which I have written to launchpad and
> discussed with Massimo last week.
> 9.Last week I was struck with Wireshark on windows and ubuntu both.
> I was unable to see the packets going to database and seeing the response.
> 10.On Monday the problem was resolved as I was using the wrong interface.I
> should have used loopback.io( instead on ubuntu(thanks to
> Georg).
> Unfortunately the thing does not work on windows.Tried a lot many times.
> 11.Now I am working on the execute method of client server protocol as I
> am getting exception while using that method.Wireshark is playing a great
> role in how the packets are flowing.
> From now I will do weekly blogging and keep everyone updated.
> Thanks & Regards
> Puneet.