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Closing bugs as Incomplete/Cannot reproduce requires FixVersion?


Hi Serg,

(writing to you because I think it was you who set Jira's rules for Fix Version

I'm trying to close MDEV-6032 as "Incomplete" ("Cannot reproduce" would also
work). This resolution is meant to say that the issue is not really resolved. 

And Jira's "Close Issue" dialog gives me this error:

  Field Fix Version/s with actual value does not match regular expression

I think it doesn't make sense. I even think that "Fix Version" must be empty
for bugs that are closed with resolution other than "Fixed" or "Duplicate".

Do you agree with this reasoning? If yes, is it possible to fix Jira to follow
this logic?

Sergei Petrunia, Software Developer
MariaDB | Skype: sergefp | Blog: http://s.petrunia.net/blog

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