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Re: MDEV-4255 MIXED replication: Unique key updates are not marked unsafe, replication fails in lp:~maria-captains/maria/10.0


Hi, Pavel!

On Nov 29, Pavel Ivanov wrote:
> A note from a peanut gallery: I think issuing a warning only when an
> actual conflict occurs is a bad idea, because due to a specific row
> order conflict may not occur on the master, but occur on slaves. And
> that can lead to a very bad replication breakage.

Is that possible? I mean, a unique key conflict either occurs or it
doesn't. I don't see yet how a row order might affect that.

But anyway, that was just an idea how to reduce the amount of new
warnings that this patch introduces. If this idea does more bad than
good, I won't do it, it's not essential for the bug fix.


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