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Re: Review of MDEV-7112 Split HA_CREATE_INFO


Hi, Alexander!

On Dec 03, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> Let me try to advertise a different approach :)
> I like more encapsulation. I'd encapsulate every single member
> in every single class, really.

I know :)
I've heard these arguments many times too, and they aren't wrong.
It's about balance, perhaps.

> > Yes, and then it will be absolutely necessary to change all engines,
> > because they'll stop working otherwise.
> I see, this is for easier merge purposes.
> Let's keep InnoDB/XTraDB use direct member access.

InnoDB, XtraDB, TokuDB, sphinx, spider, mroonga.
And perfschema, perhaps.

All other engines could be changed at once to use the "proper" approach.