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Re: Report from Debian/Ubuntu MySQL packaging sprint in London in December



Great work Otto and everyone else who attended.

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> Hello!
> I thought I'd brief the readers of this mailing list about the
> packaging sprint in London last week. It was organized by Canonical
> and in addition to Canonical staff and me there where also people from
> Oracle and Percona. We mostly worked on syncing the
> MySQL/MariaDB/Percona server packaging and a little bit also on
> creating a unified Galera package.
> We made good progress and all results have been pushed to public
> repos. I also recently updated the pages
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MySQL/MariaDB and
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MySQL/Galera to reflect the current
> status.
> One big technical change that was discussed and planned is the
> decoupling of the config and data directories. The plan is that in the
> future no MySQL variant in particular would anymore own the
> /etc/mysql/my.cnf file

Is this file still going to exist? Client programs like percona-toolkit and others will look for it.

I imagine the client section of [mysqldump] [mysql] [myisamchk] would all be provided by the relevant client package too.

> but instead each variant would register their
> own config file at installation time by using the Debian
> update-alternatives mechanism. So in future there would be
> /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf, mysql.conf, percona.conf etc and some more
> snippets in /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/.. etc.

Good. Are you making use of product sections like [mariadb] [mariadb-5.5] [galera]  ([percona]?) ?

Good to see using the plugin auth_socket for debsysmaint or root user in lieu of a password on filesystem?

Good to see UTF as a default (in https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MySQL/MariaDB).

> The plan is not complete nor tested, but there are preliminary changes
> in the mysql-common package to provide the config file registration
> hook and in a preliminary Percona Debian package to use the new config
> file registration facility.
> As the config file defines the data directory, successful decoupling
> of config files would make it easy to also decouple the data
> directories so that if the user installs/removes/upgrades any of the
> MySQL variants they would not mess up their data accidentally and the
> installation scripts would help users to dump/migrate/copy/move their
> data in the common scenarios.


Daniel Black, Engineer @ Open Query (http://openquery.com.au)
Remote expertise & maintenance for MySQL/MariaDB server environments.