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GSoC 2015: Table functions (a.k.a UDF returning arrays / result set) MDEV-5199



I am Diwas, a Masters' student at IIIT Hyderabad, India.

I am interested to work on "Table functions (a.k.a UDF returning arrays /
result set)".

I have downloaded and built MariaDB 10.1 source code from github. I started
going through the code. I realized UDF's for scalar values is already
implemented in the code, so i began to analyze from there. I got myself
acquainted with the query work-flow. I believe the work will be similar to
create_function from sql_udf.cc for some part. I understand that I'll need
some real storage mechanism for executing the functions in queries so I'll
need to use the handler class for this. Please tell me how much of the
project I have understood correctly and if I am on the right lines here and
how can i proceed towards writing my proposal for this project.

Diwas Joshi

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