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Re: [GSoC] MDEV-4674 Port InnoDB memcached interface to MariaDB


On 2015-03-25 03:29, Aalekh Nigam wrote:
With *MySql version 5.6* Benchmarking test had given to significant
advantage to HandlerSocket (processing 750,000 Qps) over Memcached
InnoDB plugin (420,000 QPS). here:

In the test, which results you cite, Yoshinori Matsunobu was comparing HandlerSocket to standalone Memcached, not InnoDB Memcached plugin.

See: http://yoshinorimatsunobu.blogspot.pt/2010/10/using-mysql-as-nosql-story-for.html .

Link to the recent benchmarking test with version 5.7:

You cannot compare these benchmarks, because Yoshinori and DimitriK were using very different machines. Yoshinori was performing his tests on 2.5GHz x 8 core Nehalem, whereas DimitriK was using 2Ghz * 48 core machine.