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Re: Please review: MDEV-7824 [Bug #68041] Zero date can be inserted in strict no-zero mode through a default value


Hi, Alexander!

On May 19, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> > I'm not sure, though, how to do that with a minimal overhead. A couple
> > of bool's in TABLE, like
> >
> >     bool all_default_are_checked;
> >     bool write_set_defaults_are_checked;
> >
> > that are set to false at the beginning on INSERT,INSERT...SELECT,LOAD.
> > And used like that
> Sorry, I did't understand your idea about having two separate
> flags for "all" and "write_set".
> Is it for the cases when one mixes empty and non-empty parenthesized
> value lists, like these:
> insert into (a,b) t1 values (),(10,20);
> insert into (a,b) t1 values (10,20),();
> ???

Yes, exactly. I thought it's the only case when the set of columns might
change within a single query execution.

> Note, this currently does not work and return this error:
> ERROR 1136 (21S01): Column count doesn't match value count at row 2
> Looks like a bug. I guess this could work.

Okay, then I was wrong :)
Does that mean a set of inserted columns can *never* change within a
single query? Good for us.

> If so, would you like me to report and fix it before mdev-7824?

No, certainly not before mdev-7824. And may be not at all. I don't care
much. It's apparently not a bug. It could be a new minor feature. But as
nobody ever wanted it, I wouldn't bother.


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