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Re: Should these files be included in the Debian packages?


Hi, Otto!

On Dec 27, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Hello!
> While working on MDEV-9259 I did some comparisons about what files in
> general are created by the build but which are missing from the Debian
> packaging. The list is below. Please advise which should be included
> and which are OK to leave out.
> etc/mysql/conf.d/cassandra.cnf
> etc/mysql/conf.d/oqgraph.cnf
> etc/mysql/conf.d/dialog.cnf

The first two are supposed to go into corresponding plugin's deb packages.
The last one should never be created in the first place, it's a bug (in
cmake/cpack_deb.cmake) that it is created.

> usr/bin/mysql_config

this should be in -dev

> usr/bin/mysql_embedded

in embedded or clients

> usr/bin/mytop

no, Debian already has a package for that

> usr/include/mysql/*.h

only if you install libmysqlclient

> usr/lib/mysql/plugin/dialog.so
> usr/lib/mysql/plugin/mysql_clear_password.so

yes, until we switch completely to connector/c

> usr/share/mysql/mroonga/install.sql
> usr/share/mysql/mroonga/uninstall.sql

I guess...

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