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Re: Should these files be included in the Debian packages?


2015-12-27 23:47 GMT+02:00 Daniel Schepler <dschepler@xxxxxxxxx>:
> For usr/bin/mysql_config and usr/include/mysql/*.h: I thought we were going
> with MariaDB Connector/C as the primary MariaDB client library in Debian.
> Likewise, for usr/lib/mysql/plugin/*.so: Versions of those are currently in
> usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugin/ in the Git Debian packaging for Connector/C
> 2.2.2 - though I'm seriously considering changing that to avoid polluting
> the namespace with such a generic name.


So these files belong to the libmariadbclient package? (which we don't
ship in Debian, it is available only at mariadb.org repos - Debian has
only the new MariaDB Connector for C).


This packages could be part of libmariadbclient-dev package, but is
superceeded by the MariaDB Connector for C development package