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Re: MariaDB plugin package names (in Debian) scheme: mariadb-plugin-<name>


Hi, Otto!

On Jan 02, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Hello!
> Currenlty we have storage engine packages named
> mariadb-oqgraph-engine-10.0
> mariadb-connect-engine-10.0
> Serg suggested in the summer that the version number should be dropped
> from the engine/plugin package names (it is enough to have it in the
> package metadata).

To explain...

As far as I was told the original motivation for having
mysql-server-5.1, mysql-server-5.5, and mysql-server (with no version)

  * the user can install "mysql-server" and let it be upgraded
    automatically later on from mysql-server-5.1 to mysql-server-5.5,
    and further.
  * alternatively, one can install "mysql-server-5.1" directly, and
    it'll be automatically upgraded from 5.1.20, to 5.1.21..., 5.1.40,
    and so on, but will never go to 5.5.x series.

That is, this package naming scheme allows one to "pin" a particular
major release, if needed. Or so I was told.

This logic does not apply to plugins, a plugin must *always* be for the
matching server version (if possible), one should not be able to pin a
plugin to 10.1 and pin the server to 10.0, for example. This is true for
mariadb-test package too.

Which means that plugin and test packages should not have the major
version in the package name.

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