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Re: InnoDB blob for primary key


Hi, Sachin!

On Apr 15, Sachin Setia wrote:
> Hi Sergei!
> Actually I was going through the mysql source code for unique long
> constraints in file sql_tmp_table.cc in function create_tmp_table they
> make a new field and a new key(hash_key) and pass this table obejct to
> storage engine.They actually refer this field as a hash field On the
> time of insert they call bool check_unique_constraint(TABLE *table)
> function which first calculate the hash and store it in field then
> they see for duplicate hash and retrive ha_index_next_same if records
> are not same then record

Right. Very good!

> We can do the same thing in mariadb by adding one more field and key in
> mysql_prepare_create_table in this we check for blob with unlimited
> length or varchar for length greater then internal storage engine by
> doing this in mysql_prepare_create_table there will be no issues of frm
> file inconsistance.
> In case of insert first we will fill the hash field in fill_record
> function of sql_base.cc by first calculating the hash. Then we will
> retrive the index map using ha_index_read_map if returened value is zero
> then we will comapare two records and if they match then we will through
> error I am not sure where to place this code either in fill_record or
> later Or i can simple just fill hash in field in fill_record and then
> check for duplicates later on.

MariaDB supports "virtual columns", see

So, it might be enough to mark this hash column as virtual, and will be
automatically calculated when necessary (in fill_record, etc).

> Current I am not sure how to hide columns from user.Sir, can you suggest
> me where to look

This would need a new flag per field, like "hidden". And in all commands
that use a list of columns (SHOW, INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, SELECT *,
INSERT table VALUE (...), etc) - this column should be skipped.

But don't worry, I don't think this will be a problem for you. You can,
of course, start from not hiding this column and implement this hiddden
flag later.

> But there is one problem we can make unique key by this approch but not
> primary key because primary key is clustered and hashes can collide so i
> think we can't use hash field as primary key.

Of course.

> To overcome this problem I have one idea instead of storing just hash
> we can make hash field length 10 bytes and in last two bytes we can
> store short int which tells how much time hash is repeated this can
> make hash unique in case of collusion. And also we are not doing more
> computation because we already retrive all records with same hashes.
> What do you think of this idea?.  And there is one more problem how to
> make it foreign key.

I would say, there is no need to bother. Let's just say that UNIQUE for
blobs is only a constraint, can not be used as a primary key, can not be
used as a foreign key. This is a reasonable limitation, I think :)

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