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Re: Sachin weekly report


Hello everyone,

Weekly Report for 5th week of gsoc

1. select worked without showing db_row_hash
2. db_row_hash column  is put in first place rather then last
3. show create table will not show db_row_hash_*
4. select will not show hidden level  3
5. user defined hidden field worked.
6  we can also create definition like create table t1(abc int blob
unique, db_row_hash_1 int unique); //this
will automatically create column db_row_hash_2 for storing hash
7. db_row_hash_1 are like invisible to alter command if we add column
db_row_hash_1 using alter.  internal hidden column db_row_hash_1 will
automatically rename to db_row_hash_2.
8 we can also add unique constraint to blob in alter command and it
can also be deleted.
9 show create table will not show db_row_hash_* , and if it find hash
column it will show like unique(column names)


On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 11:50 AM, Sachin Setia
<sachinsetia1001@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> Weekly Report for 4th week of gsoc
> 1. Field property is_row_hash , field_visibility successfully saved and
> retrived from frm , using extra2 space
> 2. Some tests added.
> 3. Solved the error when there is another primary key(it used to accept
> duplicate in this case ).
> 4. Added hidden in parser.
> 5. Identified the memory leak 1 is because of malloc db_row_hash str.I did
> not freed it. second memory leak i am searching for it.
> Work for this week.
> 1 First solve the memory leak problem.
> 3 in mysql_prepare_create_table I am using an iterator it would be better if
> i can add custom field when it says an error. So will not have to use
> iterator as suggested by you sir.
> 4 rename the hash field automatically in the case clash.
> This week
> On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 11:46 PM, Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi, Sachin!
>> On Jun 15, Sachin Setia wrote:
>> >
>> > But the major problem is:-
>> >  Consider this case
>> >
>> > create table tbl(abc int primary key,xyz blob unique);
>> >
>> > In this case , second key_info will have one user_defined_key_parts but
>> > two
>> > ext_key_parts
>> > second key_part refers to primary key.
>> > because of this ha_index_read_idx_map always return HA_ERR_KEY_NOT_FOUND
>> > I am trying to solve this problem.
>> I've seen you solved this, but I do not understand the problem (and so I
>> cannot understand the fix either).
> Problem was
> consider this
> create table tbl(abc int primary key , xyz blob unique);
> insert into tbl value(1,12);
> insert into tbl value(2,12); # no error , details in commit comment
> https://github.com/MariaDB/server/commit/baecc73380084c61b9323a30f3e25977176e98b0
>> Please, try to add a test case for
>> the problem you're fixing. In the same commit, preferrably.
>> Now you can still commit a test case for this problem and your fix,
>> then, I hope, I'll be able to understand better what the problem was.
>> Regards,
>> Sergei
>> Chief Architect MariaDB
>> and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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