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Re: Sachin weekly report


Hello everyone,

Weekly Report for 6th week of gsoc
1.hidden fields fully supported , they also show in extra column
2.suppose if we declare key as unique(abc,df) then instead of key name
to be abc it will be abc_df
3.prototype and prototype for how to store information about hash and
type of hash in field and KEY
finally decided to add bool flag (is_row_hash) in Field and added a
new long flag in KEY named ex_flags
it is stored and retried from extra2 region
4. studying optimizer code for  where condition on unique key.
5. Now it will give error for these statements
   create table t1(abc blob unique,index(db_row_hash_1));
   alter table t2 add column abc blob unique,add index(db_row_hash_1);
6.now we can delete unique blob columns.Db_row_hash will be
automatically removed
currently working on case like
create table t1(a blob,b blob ,unique(a,b));
alter table t1 drop column a;
this works after alter but records stored in table can be duplicate
which voids the
unique key rule.

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