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Re: Problem with parallel replication in 10.2


Jan Lindström <jan.lindstrom@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In my opinion two other patches that change InnoDB should also go to 10.1,
> this looks a lot more robust and cleaner than current hack with mutexes
> and states to identify which mutexes we have. Similar mechanism could be

I don't see how to justify putting the InnoDB changes into stable 10.1 (in
non-galera versions)? They do not provide any concrete benefit to users, and
there is real risk that this could break stuff, the thread interactions here
are quite complex.

The first patch though is relatively safe for 10.1. It doesn't change innodb
workings. And it is a pre-requisite to fix optimistic parallel replication
for TokuDB.

 - Kristian.