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Re: 1ee6b0ff748: MDEV-11115 CHECK constraints are not shown in I_S.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS


Hi, Jacob!

On Mar 20, Jacob Mathew wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> Both the changes for this bug and the changes for MDEV-10355 are in a stage
> tree named bb-10.2-<bug number>.  However, when I look at the automated
> testing on their respective branches, I see a few failures.  As far as I
> can tell, none of the failures could have been caused by my changes  To
> give meaning to these results, I need a baseline for comparison for each
> branch.  The respective baselines would be from just before I cloned each
> branch.  Since I don't have those, I don't have any baselines for
> comparison, and so the test results are meaningless.  How would you suggest
> I proceed?

You'll need to squash your commits (both for this bug and the changes
for MDEV-10355) and rebase on top of 10.2 anyway.

Why not do it now? When you push the rebased bugfix back into your
bb-10.2-<bug number> branch you'll have 10.2 as a baseline.

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