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Re: Query on MDEC-7502


Hi, Vishwanath!

On Mar 23, Vishwanath Bharadwaj wrote:
> Hello Mr. Sergei,
> What I propose is rather than dumping the table into a single bin log.
> What your idea proposes is we slide through the table based on primary
> key. This becomes a bit of a problem if there is some error on the
> receiver side. So we create 2 logs. We cut the chunk from one log and
> send it through the RB logging.
> This way we need not have different replication for same data. If some
> error occurs we can resend the file from the data that is dumped into
> bin logger. I hope I'm able to clear you query. If there is even a
> slightest doubt in my idea please feel free to contact me and suggest
> changes as I am still in my learning stage.
> Thank you:)

I'm not sure I understand.

"a bit of a problem if there is some error on the receiver side" - an
error on the slave means a problem for the whole replication, there's
nothing special for MDEV-7502, as far as I can see. So I don't really
understand why would you need two logs.

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