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Re: 10.2 and merges (e.g. TokuDB)


Hi Sergei!

Le 05/07/2017 à 15:36, Sergei Golubchik a écrit :
Hi, Phil!

On Jun 25, Phil Sweeney wrote:
Hi Sergei,

Appreciate you considering other options.  Unfortunately in this case
it seems Percona did not release a new 5.6 version in time for this
10.1.25 merge.

However, interestingly, they did tag a release for 5.7.18-15 in the
PerconaFT repository (which is common to both 5.6 and 5.7) in late
May, that did include the fix I wanted :)

Percona tells me that they will only be doing a 5.6 release once
Oracle releases 5.6.37, which could be quite some time (plus the time
for Percona to do their thing).

Is there potentially a way to deal with this, e.g. accept any tagged
release from PerconaFT (be it 5.6 or 5.7 .. but perhaps use a
different versioning indicator for consistency)
Yes. Technically, we can merge TokuDB from 5.7 into 10.2.
May be we start doing it later, after a first few GA releases of 10.2
This fix is really critical for TokuDB users, right now it's almost unusable (I have to fix the server for one of my customer several time a week because the cardinality reaches 0 due to this bug).
So the sooner the better :)


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