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Re: Wording suggestion?


Hi, Ian!

On Jan 30, Ian Gilfillan wrote:
> simultaneous_assignment would be my choice; as you say it's the most 
> accurate, if a little long.

Thanks. That's what I'll end up with, I suppose.

I preferred simultaneous_set, and even changed the code to use it,
but then I realized that "set" is a data type - and let's not
introduce an ambiguity, if we can avoid it.

I considered simultaneous_assign, but it just didn't sound like English

simultaneous_eval is too broad, expressions are evaluated everywhere all
the time, so the name looks like it would affect a lot more cases than
we want it to.

> > It's not only for update. There is a patch to fix SELECT ... INTO,
> > and I suppose we'll have "simultaneous assignment" behavior
> > everywhere eventually.
> > 
> > So, I'm leaning towards either simultaneous_assignment or
> > simultaneous_set as mode names. The first is more exact, but it's
> > rather long (sql_mode names range from 3 to 26 characters, and this
> > one is 23).  The second (with 16) fits right in the middle of the
> > range, length-wise.  But there's no SET keyword in SELECT ... INTO.
> > On the other hand, there's no ASSIGNMENT keyword anywhere either :)
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