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Re: b0d21b7: MDEV-14567 Include full name of object in message about incorrect value for column.


Hi, Alexey!

On Nov 06, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> >> +               long_field_name(buf, sizeof(buf), table->s, field_name),
> >Better change the error message to be
> > Incorrect decimal value: '%s' for column %`s.%`s.%`s at row %d
> > and use like
> > -               field_name,
> > +               table->s->db.str, table->s->table_name.str, field_name,
> Don't think it is better.
> There are temporary tables and just Item's that launch that error. So
> the 'db' and 'table' do not always defined properly.
> The  long_field_name() i added handles the temporary table case.

Yes, I've noticed you had a specia case for temporary tables.
That's why I asked what temporary tables have in table->s->db and
in table->s->table_name. What do they have there?

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