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Please assign PRs that modify debian/ contents for Otto to review



While working on putting MariaDB 10.5.5 into Debian I noticed that
there were a couple of commits that landed more or less on the same
day as the release was made and "broke" it just before release. Now
there are surprises in a stable release I need to fix and the
situation puts extra strain on me.

It is good that many people participate in maintaining the contents of
debian/ in the MariaDB Server, because I don't have time to do
everything. I would however appreciate that when changes are made, I
would be given a chance to review them. I will review them
post-release anyway and it would save a lot of trouble, if we can fix
stuff during the development cycle and not having to patch a
post-release in order to be able to put it forward to Debian/Ubuntu.

So, please make PRs of any debian/ changes you make, and feel free to
add me as the reviewer (or one of the reviewers).

This policy can also be automated using a .github/CODEOWNERS file, so
I made a PR about it at https://github.com/MariaDB/server/pull/1650


PS. I will deliver a MariaDB 10.5 and MariaDB in Debian status talk at
in case anybody is interested to listen in.

Follow me at @ottokekalainen

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