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Re: 4b164f176e6: MDEV-25114 Crash: WSREP: invalid state ROLLED_BACK (FATAL)


Hi Sergei,

Update on what happens after TOI failure.

> What I mean it, what if KILL would ignore WSREP_TO_ISOLATION_BEGIN
> failure and will just proceed killing? Perhaps if
> WSREP_TO_ISOLATION_BEGIN fails it means that there can be no bf aborts
> anyway? Could you try to find it out?

After TOI error that node will not serve user anymore, you either get

ERROR 40001: WSREP replication failed. Check your wsrep connection state
and retry the query.
ERROR 08S01: WSREP has not yet prepared node for application use

User KILL will return the first one. bf_kill can't happen as you can't
issue commands to cause it.

R: Jan