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Re: 4b164f176e6: MDEV-25114 Crash: WSREP: invalid state ROLLED_BACK (FATAL)


Hi, Jan!

Great, thanks!

On Oct 11, Jan Lindström wrote:
> Update on disconnect
> >
> > >       // As trx is now referenced it can't go away
> >
> > Hmm. What happens if the thd that owns this transaction is killed or the
> > user disconnects? THD gets freed. What happens to the referenced trx?
> >
> I created new mtr-tests (galera_disconnect_debug) to try disconnecting
> victim connections on several debug sync points on this code
> this place included and could not reproduce any crash. Thus, transaction
> can't be killed while we are here or
> disconnect will not free THD.
> I created a new mtr-test (galera_to_error) also for the TOI error case and
> verified that after that you can't issue statements anymore
> including KILL QUERY.
> R: Jan
VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
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