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Re: Additional promise to the MCA



>>>>> "Henrik" == Henrik Ingo <henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Henrik> Hi all
Henrik> As Monty blogged some time ago
Henrik> http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2009/08/thoughts-about-dual-licensing-open.html
Henrik> ...we want to add a promise to our MariaDB contributors signing the
Henrik> MCA, that we will not use their contributions to restrict other
Henrik> licensees ability to contribute to Open Source.

Henrik> This text has now been approved by a lawyer. The question is, is it
Henrik> understandable?

Henrik> **********************************

Henrik> Additional promise to contributions under the Monty Program Contributor
Henrik> Agreement

Henrik> Monty Program Ab promises to each contributor assigning rights under the Monty
Henrik> Program Ab Contributor Agreement, that when licensing 'products' (software),
Henrik> that include a contribution, to other 3rd parties, the license will be either

Henrik>  i) an Open Source license (www.opensource.org), or
Henrik>  ii) another license, in which case:

Henrik> * the other license will NOT restrict the licensee from making his own
Henrik> modifications to the product, including adding other suitably licensed code or
Henrik> other 'materials' from other sources (such as code available under suitable
Henrik> Open Source licenses)

Henrik> * the license will NOT restrict the licensee from publishing his own code or
Henrik> other 'materials' including, but not limited to, under an Open Source license.

Henrik> As a special note, it is observed that the Monty Program Ab Contributor
Henrik> Agreement itself fulfills these requirements. Also note that this promise
Henrik> does not not extend as a requirement to 3rd parties so as to restrict
Henrik> their rights to license products containing contributions.

What is the state with the above ?

I still think it's quite long and not much easier to understand that
what we have now:

"Monty Program Ab agrees that when it dual licenses code, it will not
restrict the way the third party licensee uses the licensed copy of
the code nor restrict how they use their own code. "


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