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Re: Additional promise to the MCA



>>>>> "Oleksandr" == Oleksandr Byelkin <sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Oleksandr> Hi!
Oleksandr> 15 сент. 2009, в 17:11, Henrik Ingo написал(а):
Oleksandr> [skip]
>> As a special note, it is observed that the Monty Program Ab  
>> Contributor
>> Agreement itself fulfills these requirements. Also note that this  
>> promise
>> does not not extend as a requirement to 3rd parties so as to restrict
>> their rights to license products containing contributions.
>> **********************************
>> We are especially interested to get feedback on the understandability
>> of the last paragraph.

Oleksandr> After 5 times reading it I think I understand:

Oleksandr> 1) the MCA satisfy requirements of this promise.
Oleksandr> 2) we do not require that others (not we and the contributor so 3rd  
Oleksandr> parties) can not license other(?) products containing the same  
Oleksandr> contributions.

Oleksandr> (if above is not corect that I was not able to understand)

Many not in the same sentence.

Removing the not's:

We allow other parties that license code from us to put their own
restrictions on how they relicense their code.

The main idea is that we will not put any restrictions in the code we
relicense (like Sun does)