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Re: Full text search in MariaDB


Hi Monty

On 02/08/2010, at 6:54 PM, Michael Widenius wrote:
Walter> regardless of wether or not MariaDB supports it, I'd recommend going
Walter> with Sphinx or Solr instead. These are separate easy to manage
Walter> programs that make your fulltext search capabilities _much_ better,
Walter> faster and lighter.

Agree that for sophisticated indexing Sphinx (and maybe Solr, but I
don't know that one that well) is a a better choice.

We have clients using Sphinx, Xapian and Solr.
Choice often depends on the development language/environment used, Java apps would tend towards Solr.

That said, if you have a working setup and MyISAM/Aria does the job,
it's probably ok to continue using them. (Don't break a working setup :)

Real world feedback: almost all clients we have that use FULLTEXT need to not use it, because - they need the tables to be InnoDB for transactional/consistency reasons; since Aria is not transactional it's not an option. - FULLTEXT performance both for inserts and selects on larger datasets makes it unsuitable.

So they have real problems, that need solving.
Most have addressed by adapting the app for Sphinx (and sometimes Xapian), in many cases using the PHP or other APIs, sometimes using the Sphinx engine in the 5.0 OurDelta builds because they want to be able to join the results onto other tables. They all report happiness and not having to spend a lot of development effort to getting it to work and actually making a big difference in overall app performance.

So my conclusion
- no care for Aria. PBXT is higher on the interest list because it's transactional and can participate in a transaction (XA) with InnoDB making it consistent.
 - no care for FULLTEXT
- Sphinx engine in MariaDB 5.2 is important, because users of 5.0 OurDelta have found that useful; some are actually waiting for MariaDB 5.2 so they can upgrade.

By 'no care' I mean "in my opinion it's not worthwhile putting further development effort into these things, there are more worthwhile things" For Aria I've noted this before, but I'm happy to explicitly stick FULLTEXT on the same list.

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