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Re: Bundle more relevant cnf files in MariaDB package


Hi Haidong

On 31/03/2011, at 4:51 AM, Haidong Ji wrote:
Sorry. The sh was from the source code for the make file. It will turn
into the regular sh file after build, compiling, and packaging.

Won't work for a native Windows build.

Please consider not looking at directly replacing the my-*.cnf files, but rather updating the my.cnf default/baseline config installed by some of the packages as discussed previously. We can then work on also incorporating that config into the other packages. For existing installs getting updated, a copy of the file can be put in to all packages under another name.

Naturally the old my-*.cnf need to disappear. But that's a separate issue. From my experience, it's fairly imporant to put a baseline config in place, since many people will not (at least initially) adjust the config. Most distros require some kind of config anyway to put some things in the right place for their distro layout, so a my.cnf must exist anyway - it's not a matter of creating one by copying the sample, it would replace one already there. So you might as well make that one there more sane from the start, and that's what the above does.

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