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How to fix the fact that MariaDB runs as 'mysql', instead of 'mysqld' now.


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I've run into a problem with implementations of MariaDB where I get
messages like "mysqld: unrecognized service".

This threw me for a loop at first because everything seems to be fine on
the surface, drop in replacement as usual, etc.

The problem, seems to be related to something I hadn't noticed before,
which is that MariaDB runs as 'mysql', instead of 'mysqld'.

Is there a tutorial or howto related to this issue? I would imagine that
it is a common occurrence (not a bug, obviously, yet still an issue that
might need to be addressed on a regular basis when performing

Although I usually use Slackware, on the particular CentOS 5.6 box that
is giving me the problem, the executibles/scripts that I have are located:


To be specific, I installed PiaF via a script onto a running host under
VMware ESXI, that I prepared from scratch, had some libraries, yet no
real install of MySQL.

That made the installation of MariaDB even easier than usual, until I
had prepped the box and ran the installation script, which at one point
pulls binaries from the pbxinaflash.com site as a bundle.

I've been sifting through the code, to see if I can correct this, yet
figure that I'll have endless headaches when, for example, I perform
updates to the PBX system.

Therefore, I'm thinking that symlinking or something of that nature is
the most effective solution, as part of my standard EllisonCO
eradication philosophy, to avoid such issues in the future.

Any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated, and go a
long way towards me completing a complete removal of all MySQL Servers
under my purview.

Kindest regards,

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