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Re: How to fix the fact that MariaDB runs as 'mysql', instead of 'mysqld' now.



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> Subject: [Maria-discuss] How to fix the fact that MariaDB runs as 'mysql',
> instead of 'mysqld' now.
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> I've run into a problem with implementations of MariaDB where I get
> like "mysqld: unrecognized service".

# ln -s /etc/init.d/mysql /etc/init.d/mysqld

I'm about to release my MariaDB 64bits RPM's soon at Axivo repository, as
soon as I find sponsors to host the packages with a mirrorlist. The packages
have mysqld as init script and include all needed patches for Redhat/CentOD
environment, as well few minor compile corrections. They are tailored for
Intel (-mtune=nocona) and perform about 40% faster than official RPM, 65%
faster than Percona 5.5.10-20.1 and 82% faster than MySQL 5.5.11.


Floren Munteanu

> This threw me for a loop at first because everything seems to be fine on
> surface, drop in replacement as usual, etc.
> The problem, seems to be related to something I hadn't noticed before,
> is that MariaDB runs as 'mysql', instead of 'mysqld'.
> Is there a tutorial or howto related to this issue? I would imagine that
> is a common occurrence (not a bug, obviously, yet still an issue that
> need to be addressed on a regular basis when performing installations).
> Although I usually use Slackware, on the particular CentOS 5.6 box that is
> giving me the problem, the executibles/scripts that I have are located:
> /usr/bin/mysqld_multi
> /usr/bin/mysqld_safe
> /usr/bin/mysqldump
> /usr/bin/mysqldumpslow
> /usr/sbin/mysqld
> To be specific, I installed PiaF via a script onto a running host under
> VMware ESXI, that I prepared from scratch, had some libraries, yet no real
> install of MySQL.
> That made the installation of MariaDB even easier than usual, until I had
> prepped the box and ran the installation script, which at one point pulls
> binaries from the pbxinaflash.com site as a bundle.
> I've been sifting through the code, to see if I can correct this, yet
> that I'll have endless headaches when, for example, I perform updates to
> PBX system.
> Therefore, I'm thinking that symlinking or something of that nature is the
> most effective solution, as part of my standard EllisonCO eradication
> philosophy, to avoid such issues in the future.
> Any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated, and go a long
> way towards me completing a complete removal of all MySQL Servers under my
> purview.
> Kindest regards,
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