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5.2.6 .msi isntaller questions issues


I think this is for @wlad! :-)

I just installed 5.2.6 using the new .msi installer.  This was an upgrade
'on top' of the previous (5.2.3 or 5.2.4) .msi build distributed by wlad in
mailing list.

The installer worked fine,  The previos 5.2 instance was upgraded (ie.
executables and similar files replaced, old my.ini and datadir is still used
etc.). So far so good. The problem is with the configuration wizard.  What
is it supposed to do?  Run 'mysql_upgrade'? More than this or something

Let me explain my setup.  Except for this MariaDB instance (running as
service 'maria52') I have both MySQL/Oracle 5.0, 5.1, 5.5 and 5.6 (running
as services 'MySQL50,  'MySQL51' ,  'MySQL55' ,  'MySQL56') . The config
wizard prompts me which instance should be upgraded an gives me a choice of
  'MySQL50 and  'MySQL51'  but not  'MySQL55', 'MySQL56' and 'maria52'.

1) Now if the wizard starts 'mysql_upgrade' it makes perfect sense not to
offer to upgrade 'MySQL55' and 'MySQL56'  (as MySQL51/MariaDb52 are 'lower'
than those -   it would be a 'downgrade' - not an 'upgrade' then - what
'mysql_upgrade' does not handle).   But ideally I think they should be
displayed but 'greyed out' or otherwise indicated that upgrading MySQL
5.5/5.6 --> MariaDB 5.2 is not possible.

2) More important: the instance that I *really* wanted to upgrade
('maria52') was not displayed.  I assume that the services' list is filtered
by the prefix 'mysql'.  Am I right?  In that case I suggest the filtering is
done on both (OR'ed) prefixes 'mysql' and 'maria'.

Anyway after just exiting the wizard before executing it everything seems
fine.  But the wizard GUI can still be 'polished' a little I think.

-- Peter Laursen
-- Webyog

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