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Re: New Knowledgebase Question



On 27.04.2011, at 17:28, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:

> Here's a new question in the Knowlegebase about running MariaDB and
> MySQL side-by-side on the same server.
> http://kb.askmonty.org/v/mariadb-coexist-with-mysql
> The text of the question:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello,
> I'm currently using MySQL and would like to test MariaDB.
> I only have one server, and don't wish to overwrite the current MySQL
> instance.
> Is it possible to have both MySQL and MariaDB to coexist within the
> same environment?
> How can I define the mysql client on which db to connect to? by port?
> Many thanks!
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Anyone with real-world experience in running (or trying to run) MariaDB
> side-by-side with MySQL want to add a comment to (or answer) this
> question? I thought I remembered seeing an email thread on this topic a
> while back but my search-fu is weak today and I can't find it (well,
> either that or I'm imagining things).

It is pretty much the same as running two instances of MySQL on the same
physical host. The second instance has to be installed in a non-standard
directory and started on a different port than 3306.

Full details can be found here:



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