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Re: Spider 3.0 is merged against MariaDB 10.0



>>>>> "kentoku" == kentoku  <kentokushiba@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

kentoku> Hi Monty and Sergei!
kentoku> Thank you for your response and reviewing.

>> I will fix that during this week.
>> It's hard to do in the caller, as there is no parameter that can be
>> used for this.
>> I can fix this by adding a new 'mysql_options()' where one says that
>> the all memory in this connection will be thread specific and use this
>> in the replication threads and in the federated engine (where this is
>> needed).
>> Would this solve your problem?

kentoku> Yes, this solves my problem. Additionally, if 'mysql_options()' can be used
kentoku> dynamically before calling 'mysql_store_result()' and 'cli_use_result()'
kentoku> for switching "MY_THREAD_SPECIFIC" (or not), it is better for me.

For now, one can only call mysql_options() before the connection
happens.  I prefer to not change this for this release.


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