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Re: upgrading from mariadb 5.5.31 to mariadb 5.5.32 with innodb engine


Hi Brain,
I think Gabriel talked about memory leak in query cache + xtradb (or innodb)

Elena put this comment in JIRA:

The fix should be in 5.5.32 release. The bug was fixed in XtraDB 5.5.32 (at
least it is marked as such in
https://bugs.launchpad.net/percona-server/+bug/1170103), and MariaDB 5.5.32
includes XtraDB 5.5.32.
We didn't have a reproducible test case to verify it, so please re-open the
issue (or comment on it to get it re-opened) if you still have the problem
with MariaDB 5.5.32,

and reporter (Gabriel), send this comment:
Gabriel Sosa<https://mariadb.atlassian.net/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?name=pendexgabo>
a comment - Today 14:01
excellent! perfect. Thanks for your time

Gabriel, i made this:
try a small database with 5.5.32 and check if bug persist, if not, upgrade
production servers without problems
i updated 3 production servers and they are working normally without the
bug and query cache enabled, i'm using xtradb (not innodb plugin)

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