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multi master and conflicts


Hi guys,
New problems to solve here =) if anyone could help should be nice :)

I have an old system that use only one server with aria/myisam tables (some
temporary tables and some views too)
I want to implement a multi master replication (near to a cluster...), but
i should take care about replication conflicts....

There's some good pratices or books about implementing multi master without
replication conflicts?

Should I change it to galera cluster? Well maybe.. I don't know what to do
with aria storage, galera works with innodb/xtradb/myisam, what about aria?
i didn't tested yet

I don't know what to do about commit phase with myisam too, since galera do
the certificate at commits phase before commit, and myisam problably do a
autocommit at each insert/update/delete, this will be a problem, or not?

The idea is not use innodb or I should implement some tables or views to
have a faster COUNT/MIN/MAX functions (myisam is optimized for it), and i
should rewrite some codes to use BEGIN, COMMIT, and cancel if connection is

Well physical problems... Servers will not be online all time, the network
link isn't good, servers are ~50km far via a wifi link with some tree and
birds and others problems (that's why i think async replication is ok,
instead of galera 'sync' cluster)

Any idea is well come, but should be nice something that myisam/aria could
be used

I asked some days ago about replication and galera and xtradb cluster, but
i'm not sure what to do yet

tks guys!
ideas are wellcome

Roberto Spadim