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Re: InnoDB pain points


Hi Jan,
(nice name btw... ;-) )

I'd add the following feature requests to the list:

- Being able to have different partitions of a table on different disks: We have tables that have 4 partitions for each day (partitioned by time) and hold 10 days of data. We have a (almost) constantly increasing time, but during a day the "active" (=todays) partitons get random inserts (time is only the third party of the PK). Each partition is 10-20GB. We have these on SSDs, but already had to decrease the number of days from 14 to 10 (we drop/create the partitions with a cronjob) as we run out of space. I have more SAS hardisk diskspace available in the servers but no more SSDs, so instead of deleting the old partitions I'd like to move them *on the fly* to another mountpoint for another 2 weeks...

- we found a "alter table ... rebuild partition ..." blocks the whole table, although we are rebuilding (=defragmentation) old partitions that is not written to.

- I haven't had this problem for a long time, but I remember having had some servers with a big useless ibdata file although all tables were moved to single files (file_per_table). In that case, some simple possibility to replace the ibdata by a small version would be helpful. restarting the mysqld is OK, but import/export tablespaces and such is a pain with big databases

- Some tool/functionality to reimport/repair tablespaces of partitioned tables. There are ways to do that, you find tips and information when you google a little bit, but from my impression most of the steps could be automated: i.e. the user should never have to deal with tablespace IDs and such. I'd like to be able to copy all the partitions ( TABLENAME#P#<XXX>#SP#<XXX><YYY>.ibd) from one server (or a backup) to the other one (while mysqld is running on the receiving server) and then import all tablespaces at once with one command. done.

thanks for reading this ;-)


Am 28.01.2014 13:38, schrieb Jan Lindström:
Hi all,

I would like to know the most affecting InnoDB pain points the
customers/potential customers first refer. By pain point, I mean
anything that causes concerns, restricts sales etc, pain point can be
bug, missing feature, usage problem, performance etc. My goal on asking
this question is to find out what are the real issues customers or
potential customer are struggling or issues that block customers using
MariaDB. After that I will see what I can do about the situation and
plan forward to address the raised issues with proper priorities.

Dean, if this list does to reach the support engineers and technical
sales teams please forward to more suitable list.

R: Jan


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