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Re: Threadpool benchmarks / feature note


On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 05:00:36AM -0200, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> hum... an idiot question, i didn't think it about before asking...
> why not allow one server running two tcp ports, or unix socket or
> pipes or any other listening method? each one using a scheduler style,
> TP (thread pool) or OTPC (one thread per client)?
I thought this was supported:
mysqld --help --verbose prints:

                      The number of connections on extra-port
  --extra-port=#      Extra port number to use for tcp connections in a
                      one-thread-per-connection manner. 0 means don't use
                      another port

> for example... i have some queries that execute nice with OTPC (and
> it's easy to change program to only use a tcp port in this case), but
> they could lock many queries if execute with TP (again it's easy to
> tell what scheduler is better and select the right tcp port), and some
> queries runs nice with any one
> in this case, why not allow a tcp port for TP, and one tcp port for
> OTPC? ok many lock problems?
> maybe allow a new option at client connect function (like compress
> option) that allow select of what kind of schedule should be used at
> server side? TP or OTPC or maybe another one...
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