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Re: xtradb in 10.0


Hi, Federico!

On Feb 05, Federico Razzoli wrote:
> I just read this news from SkySQL:
> http://www.skysql.com/blogs/chriscalender/mariadb-1007-overview-and-highlights
> "XtraDB storage engine was upgraded to the 5.6 version. Now one can
> use XtraDB with MariaDB 10.0. Unlike MariaDB 5.5, in 10.0 XtraDB is
> not the default engine, the default is InnoDB, and XtraDB is available
> as a dynamic plugin"
> This is confusing to me. When 10.0 is stable, will XtraDB be the
> default again? If not, can someone summarize the
> advantages/disadvantages of using XtraDB?

It is not about advantages and disadvantages at the moment.

But XtraDB simply does not compile on all our builders - Percona has
introduced patches that use CPU atomic ops and didn't implement a
fallback for setups where they are not available (like all the rest of
the code does, including InnoDB).

I hope we'll have XtraDB as the default in 10.0.


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