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Re: MariaDB 10.0.15 now available


Hi, Peter!

On Nov 26, Peter Laursen wrote:
> NO.. I thought it would bea separate RPM (Like the OQGraph). I will
> check when I get time.  it coudl take a day or two now. Sorry for
> false alarm.

As a general rule we put in separage packages plugins that require
additional dependencies. OQGraph requires libJudy, so if one doesn't use
OQGraph, she shouldn't be required to install libJudy. CONNECT needs
odbc, xml, etc. TokuDB doesn't bring in extra dependencies, so it's
included into the server package.

> ButSuSE should  be listed here
> https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/documentation/storage-engines/tokudb/how-to-enable-tokudb-in-mariadb/
> then, right?

Added, thanks.


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