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Re: Enabling feedback pluging for MariaDB 10.1.4


Hi, Federico!

On Mar 10, Federico Razzoli wrote:
> I am no lawyer, but please consider possible legal problems for users.
> 1) I sign an NDA with my customer
> 2) I enable Feedback
> 3) You see things I shouldn't reveal.
> I know that my data are not sent. And you say it's anonymous.
> But you will have at least the server's IP and MAC.
> The real problem is not if we trust trusting YOU (I do) - the real
> problem is that sending that data could be illegal.

Right, this could happen.
I have no solution for this, only few assorted thoughts:

* not "we say it's anonymous", you don't have to trust, you can verify
  it. It's not a solution, because under NDA you might not be allowed to
  send even anonymous data. Still you can see what is being sent, no
  need to trust.

* We won't have MAC address. But the IP address will be in the apache
  logs (even if I'd say "we won't log IP addresses" you won't be able to
  verify it).

* The idea was to enable feedback plugin in beta and disable it before
  GA. And beta versions come with a warning "don't use in production".