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Re: MariaDB 10: how to convert Aria table to InnoDB?


Hi, Reindl!

On Mar 19, Reindl Harald wrote:
> BTW: that crazy behavior also breaks silently replication

That's a bug.

The intention always was to ignore unknown engine options in the
replication thread. But TRANSACTIONAL is an old option, added before
a proper support for engine specific options was implemented.
So may be it slipped somehow and the check doesn't completely apply to
it. Could you report a bug, please?

> 150319 18:34:05 [ERROR] Slave SQL: Error 'Can't create table 
> `dbmail`.`#sql-7ba3_3` (errno: 140 "Wrong create options")' on query. 
> Default database: 'dbmail'. Query: 'ALTER TABLE `systemevents` ENGINE = 
> InnoDB', Gtid 0-1-147094, Internal MariaDB error code: 1005