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Problems installing MariaDB 10.1 on LEAP.


I am facing problems installing MariaDB 10.1 on OpenSuSE LEAP (42.1) from
the MariaDB repository for OpenSUSE 13. Even though built on/for SuSE 13.1
it worked fine on SuSE 13.2 as well.  But not on LEAP:

Please see attached screenshot from YaST (GUI) installer environment. I
think that tells everything. 10.1 packages displayed here are from MariaDB
repo (that registers with no problem with YaST/zypper, BTW). 10.0 and other
packages displayed are from official SuSE repo.

The 10.0 server from SuSE repo works fine, but I prefer 10.1 on this new
VM. I am not interested in a 'hack-solution'. I can wait for a proper
solution. But something (the memory allocation manager, seemingly) seems
changed in OpenSuSE between-from 13.2 and LEAP creating a dependency
problem with **MariaDB_from_MariaDB**.

Is a new repo required to support OpenSUSE LEAP? @Daniel?

-- Peter
-- Webyog

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