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Re: Problems installing MariaDB 10.1 on LEAP.


Additionally 'jemalloc' is available from SuSE's official repo (but is not
installed with default install options it seems).  But even after
installing jemalloc packages, Yast/zypper stll complains that MariaDB
10.1.8 is broken. Ignoring the warnings and installing anyway is possible,
but service cannot be configured (I did not expect it to work, of course,
but wanted to see if some useful info appeared).

-- Peter

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 5:36 PM, Peter Laursen <peter_laursen@xxxxxxxxxx>

> I am facing problems installing MariaDB 10.1 on OpenSuSE LEAP (42.1) from
> the MariaDB repository for OpenSUSE 13. Even though built on/for SuSE 13.1
> it worked fine on SuSE 13.2 as well.  But not on LEAP:
> Please see attached screenshot from YaST (GUI) installer environment. I
> think that tells everything. 10.1 packages displayed here are from MariaDB
> repo (that registers with no problem with YaST/zypper, BTW). 10.0 and other
> packages displayed are from official SuSE repo.
> The 10.0 server from SuSE repo works fine, but I prefer 10.1 on this new
> VM. I am not interested in a 'hack-solution'. I can wait for a proper
> solution. But something (the memory allocation manager, seemingly) seems
> changed in OpenSuSE between-from 13.2 and LEAP creating a dependency
> problem with **MariaDB_from_MariaDB**.
> Is a new repo required to support OpenSUSE LEAP? @Daniel?
> -- Peter
> -- Webyog

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