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Re: After Fedora 22->23 update maria db doesn't start


Am 24.11.2015 um 13:52 schrieb Carl Whalley:
Oh boy ...well I did get the service to start this way at least, but ...

[root@tiger etc]# systemctl restart mariadb.service
[root@tiger tmp]# mysql

well, i see a lot of error i can't explain

how many users do you have?

i would try to purge the whole "mysql" folder after stop the service and fire "mysql_install_db" to re-create the mysql-database or even go so far to configure mysqld for a different datadir, initialize it there and replace the "mysql" folder with the so new created

on any of my setups the whole "mysql" database is MyISAM and so table spaces should not matter, not sure if maraidb switched also to "innodb" as default engine

in doubt drop the whole database from your current instance runnign with "skip-grant" before stop it to get rid of tablespace rferences and at least for the fresh instance "default-storage-engine = myisam"

that way you should be able to merge the new created mysql-database with your current setup

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