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Re: MariaDB Performance and Diagnostic Tools


Hi Andy,
I feel your pain, I also had an Oracle background before landing working
with MySQL. mariaDB. I moved us off MySQL it was an old version to mariaDB
now on 10.0.16 and will look to move to 10.1.x in the second half of next
The MySQL-sys schema objects will give some Oracle like views. however you
will feel you have stepped back into the dark ages compared to AWR and all
those niceties like session tracing that are standard fare in Oracle.
My experience has been to look at IO performance first and foremost without
it nothing else matters unless you have enough RAM to buffer your entire
db. All my data tables are innodb for ACID compliance and that with file
per table I was able to look to individual behaviors of data and as your
RAID can handle accessing multiple files at a time this has potential
performance gains.
The old 80% rule for the buffer is a bit of a misnomer as you might find
yourself with other performance problems due to excess memory consumption
from sessions, as you will have heard or said a number of times in Oracle
"it depends". Use Thread pooling to manage connections it seems to me to
have higher performance and manages resources better.
Look out for poor db design that will ultimately hurt you just as it will
hurt any other database. Use a lot I have 10 smaller innodb buffer files
64MB - that seems to have been a good recommendation.
Finally good SQL, few and quality indexes on tables and SQL to maximise
index use
I have tried just about every tool out there from some simple profiling
tools to Percona Cloud and Monyog which is where we are at monitoring and
unless you are planning to move to MySQL and get Enterprise to get the
management tools then Monyog is the best, I will recommend you get some
JSON skills or you will be learning them with Monyog to set up alerts that
are not standard out of teh box. But it is worth every penny as we have
various alerts wired to Slack and PagerDuty as well as some lower ones as
email only and it has cut off some issues early as we got an alert and were
able to address a problem before it took out the system.




On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 5:29 AM, FERRETTI, ANDY <af4299@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I’m looking for recommendations on MariaDB Performance Analysis tools.
> 1.       I try MySQL workbench, but much of the capability is disabled. I
> get an error when I click on the Dashboard “This feature requires MySQL
> version 5.6.6 or newer”.
> 2.       I’m wondering if there are some good scripts to help identify
> key performance metrics from the performance_schema. I’d like to see a
> capability similar to an Oracle AWR report.  I spent a fair amount of time
> doing google searches, and found some information on the
> performance_schema:
> https://php-built.com/enabling-performance-monitoring-for-mariadb-and-mysql/ ,
> but I really think there should be something better.
> Thanks,
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