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Re: Question about MariaDB global reference In high complexity app and big DB Size


Yeah I’m sorry, i have mixed the postgresql-XC partitionning feature and the Maxscale one.



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Objet : Re: [Maria-discuss] Question about MariaDB global reference In high complexity app and big DB Size


Do you mean schema routing?  Because that won't allow you to join between schemata.  You generally need to join OE to INV to PO, etc in an ERP system.  Sharding by schema won't help. You would end up having to use multi-master replication to get all the data back on a single node, then report on it, and you would be again be stuck with single threaded queries for large reports.

I very much doubt that max scale could help with this, but if you have some sort of proof-of-concept or example to back up the suggestion it would be welcome as I'm unaware of such a solution.


On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 6:47 AM, Christophe Le Roux <christophe.le.roux@xxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:christophe.le.roux@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Maybe Maxscale can help you to (auto-)shared on a dozen of servers, take a look on it.



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Objet : [Maria-discuss] Question about MariaDB global reference In high complexity app and big DB Size

hi I am some question, i want some opinion below question

We planning ERP solution convert oracle to mariaDB
so erp application pattern and BIG DB SIZING IS ISSUE.

Our IT background & goal
1) Apppliciation Complexity & Pattern: ERP Level complexity (high , OLTP & many batch)
2) DB SIZE : 10 TB Over (Single DB , NO sharding)
3) replication Gap issue

** My Question **
1) Any Global reference is in MariaDB  (on ERP level complexity and application pattern)

2) Any some reference in BIG DATA SIZING ?
   (EX: 5TB DB Exists in XX COMPARY e-commerce soluntion..)

   IS Only solution is DB Sharding? no big data global reference ??

3) Replication performance
  : Our test result 2MB/SEC binlog written in master ,
     so slave node get replication lag glorwing.  (in row binlog format)
                           ( 1master - 1 slave )
    Any Body have experience some reference max transaction in no replication gap ?
                           ( ex : 20MB / SEC but no replication gap our application experience..)

: parellel slave thread is good performance in single domain-id and ordered method replicaiton ?

   ( how much better performance in parallel replication?

   (ex single repliation 2MB/SEC BINLOG => Replication GAP GROW but, parellel replicaiton is good in 10MB/Sec binlog write Environment)

thanks a lot.

regards, seung hoon yoo.

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