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Re: maxscale 2.0 bug fixes



The new BSL license was implemented in checkin 196e6ac .  All of the source
for MaxScale 2.0 that was checked in prior to that is still GPL and is open
source right now.

The following code changes will not be present in any GPL version of a fork
of MaxScale 2.0:

b709e29 Fix URL typo in release notes
01f203c Update release notes
c49810a Update COPYRIGHT
e327526 Add BSL version number to LICENSE.TXT
07e3a4e Remove superfluous COPURIGHT.md and LICENSE.md
54c3310 Replace Dynamic Data Routing Platform with Database Proxy
305d02f Remove *.cmake wildcard from .gitignore
b0b5208 Cleanup of spaces
aeca6d0 Extend maxscaled error messages
817d74c Document where the CDC users are stored
9a569db Update license
ff8697a MXS-716: Fix table level privilege detection
2071a8c Only check replies of slaves that are in use
f8dfa42 Fix possible hangs in CDC python scripts
fa1d99e Removed "filestem option" from example
009b549 Removed "filestem option" from example
8d515c2 Add example Kafka producer script for Python
64e976b Fix sporadic SSL authentication failures
5a655dc MXS-814: Check service/monitor permissions on all servers
2a7f596 Add note about galeramon priority to Galera tutorials
b90b5a6 Fixed SHOW SLAVE STATUS in binlog router
e22fe39 Changed couln size for SHOW SLAVE STATUS
ae97b18 Fix avrorouter build failure with older sqlite libraries
56ef8b7 Replace GPL license with BSL license in scripts and tests
552836f Initialize all fields when MySQL users are loaded from cache
bf42947 Update all licensing related files
b29db9d Remove optimize_wildcard parameter from use
5170844 Make readwritesplit diagnosting output more clear
262ffb1 Fix crash when a config parameter has no section
33ac9e6 Add note about LEAST_BEHIND_MASTER and server weights
e13e860 Fix a memory leak when backend authentication fails
75d00c2 MXS-801: Set the default value of strip_db_esc to true
bd5f2db MXS-800: Add a log message about the working directory
4b1dd8c Update MySQL Monitor documentation on detect_replication_lag
559bc99 Fix installation of license file
b057587 Change LICENSE to LICENSE.TXT
223fa43 Remove null characters from log messages
36fd05b Fix fatal signal handler log message
053dc8a Fix typos in documentation
371dc87 Fix Galera text in Master-Slave tutorial
30b6265 Disable adding of new objects at runtime
db92311 Update the documentation on configuration reloading
0923d40 Update Connector-C version
c4738b5 Add define for avro-conversion.ini
196e6ac Update license from GPL to BSL.

(these views are my own and not likely the views of my employer)


On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 4:30 AM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Am 17.08.2016 um 10:15 schrieb Federico Razzoli:
>> I see that MaxScale 2.0 will not be open source until 2009.01.01. I have
>> some questions.
> my first one to you is why don't you include links that others can look
> what you are talking about and "2009.01.01" is likely nonsense
> 1) I expect next releases to fix bugs, including critical and security
>> bugs. When will these versions be open source?
> provide links when you send such stuff to a public list
> 2) At some point MaxScale 2.0 will be open and 3.0 will be released but
>> not open. When a software exists in both an open and a closed source, I
>> expect the open form to be low-quality. This applies to all examples I can
>> think of. I will feel a bit better if you could explain why you will
>> maintain 2.0 for a reasonable number of years.
> provide links when you send such stuff to a public list
> 3) From my understanding part of MariaDB code belongs to Oracle, thus
>> cannot be closed-sourced by you. But what about connectors and some storage
>> engines? Do you plan to change their license?
> where is something closed-sourced?
> links!
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