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Reg custom port for maxscale binlog router


Hi all,

When I try to configure maxscale for binlogrouter, I noticed that
documentation examples using port as 5308. When I try to configure
similarly, it says, 111 connection refused or unable to connect master from

I have enabled the port in centOs7 using firewalld on both master server as
well maxscale server:

firewall-cmd  --add-port=5308/tcp

But still,I couldn't able to establish connection from maxscale server to
mariadb server(master):

mysql -u maxscaleoper -h ip:ip:ip:ip --port 5308 -p

ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'ip:ip:ip:ip' (111
"Connection refused")

Can anyone please help me on how to resolve this error. Because of this
error, I couldn't make maxscale up and running.

Karthick S

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