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MariaDB Server 10.3 notes



Sorry this is a little later than expected (who couldn’t resist walking around Amsterdam on that late beautiful Saturday afternoon?)! This session was led by Rasmus whom while employed by MariaDB Corporation, was also the MariaDB Foundation Board member leading it. This was the last session on the formal schedule before lunch (more was added to it as well later on)

I notice he’s also blogged [part 1](https://mariadb.org/thoughts-mariadb-server-10-3-mariadb-developers-meeting-amsterdam-part-1/), and maybe these notes help for part 2 (or maybe they don’t). Scroll down for what is still coming in MariaDB Server 10.2 of course (post-GA even)!

# MariaDB Server 10.3
* MDEV-10177
* MDEV-371
* MDEV-7773 - create aggregate functions in SQL
* User defined types (pluggable data type API)
* CJK language support - MDEV-10267, MDEV-10268
* SPIDER storage engine - MDEV-7698
* Further MyRocks development (10.2 will have it as experimental; MariaDB Corporation is looking to hire a dedicated engineer to work on MyRocks)
* InnoDB: InnoDB native partitioning - so MySQL 8 InnoDB? But Monty says there's next to no changes in InnoDB 8... Instant add column. New InnoDB deadlock detection (8.0). New INFORMATION_SCHEMA table (8.0). Dedicated tablespace for temporary tables (in 5.7 and merged, check). Lock wait policy (contribution)
* Pluggable parser - MDEV-10142, PL/SQL parser, Oracle syntax support, INTERSECT, EXCLUDE
* Sequences (like PostgreSQL implementation)
* more for window functions (user defined window functions, MDEV-10855)
* more for CTEs (CTE sharing isn't in now, and MySQL 8 has it, so needs to be done; Writable CTEs)
* replace yaSSL with GnuTLS (SChannel in Windows)
* "always encrypt" on the client side - Booking says there is no particular interest in this at the moment.
* socket authentication
* X Protocol/Document store - only if people have time or money will it be done
* Peter asks if there is any plans to support other languages like V8? Supporting legacy database like Oracle PL/SQL is nice, but what about JavaScript and stuff? Eric mentions his old work on Perl and Java external language stored procedures. Peter says, if JSON and JavaScript are your lingua franca, PL/SQL isn't so interesting - but there was no interest in this amongst the folk.
* No slave left behind patch - MDEV-8112 (Booking wants a bit more than the current patch, some extensions) - maybe in 10.2
* Compressed binary log (from Tencent)
* For ALTER TABLE show the corresponding CREATE TABLE statement as a comment in the binary log. This is an annotation.
* Counters for unsafe statements in replication (maybe in 10.2)
* Extended table map in RBR is missing
* Galera 4, encryption of gcache
* Fix the XA transaction bug ( MySQL has fixed it already ) - MDEV-7974
* Indexes on expressions (this is part of virtual columns, will it not go into 10.2? Check with Serg)
* Flashback DDL MDEV-10571 (flashback DML will come in 10.2). It only works with row based replication. Talk about what to name it. There's already a MySQL time machine on github. Many like the name Rewind (but not Monty). Let's do a poll on the mailing list
* Additional GIS functions to stay compatible. Also it would be good to have a standalone GIS library (Georg suggests; wlad isn't too happy with the suggestion). Georg suggests that calculations should use the reference systems (Unflatten the world - MariaDB Server GIS the world looks flat)
* Optimizer trace - MDEV-6111
* Query rewriting - MDEV-5561
* Replace libmysqlclient with Connector/C - MDEV-9055 - embedded/replication/ storage engine (connect, spider, federatedX) - work continues from 10.2
* Invisible indexes from MySQL 8 - this is something Eric wants to see
* With MyRocks coming, should we drop TokuDB (and maybe even deprecate in 10.2?) - bugs that MariaDB Corporation reports to Percona don't seem to get fixed. Peter says that bugs are fixed for customers... and there is ongoing development to make it better
* ORDER BY LIMIT optimizer bugs (MDEV-8306)

# Still in MariaDB Server 10.2
* Flashback DML - MDEV-10570
* Time delayed replication - MDEV-7145
* MyRocks (10.2.4 - maturity experimental)
* GeoJSON (in 10.2 after beta) and ST_Geohash
* sha256_password plugin (after GA) - MDEV-9804 - Serg will do it in a MySQL compatible way
* sys schema (after GA)
* Server system default values MDEV-7635
* MySQL deprecated `DES_ENCRYPT`, `DES_DECRYPT` - Monty says he knows a high level customer using it, a bank.
* Column compression from Tencent?
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