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Re: Download speeds on archive.mariadb.org


Hi, Peter!

On Nov 12, Peter Laursen wrote:
> Right now I get around 50 kbps on archive.mariadb.org.  This means
> that a complete server package (with tests etc.) could take ~10 hours
> to download.  Or even 4 days with the 6 kbps that Guillaume
> experiences (all roughly calculated numbers).
> I understand the probems with hosting/storage (incl. costs) and
> mirrors refusing to host TB's of archived/historical data. But I don't
> understand what it has to do with bandwidth (I assume that the reduced
> bandwidth is not because of a lot of simultaneous downloads
> happening).

I don't really know, I've only looked at the apache configuration for

But I would guess it's to prevent archive downloads affecting other
usages of this box, it's also the buildbot master and build slaves are
constantly up- and downloading packages.

I could agree that the current limitation is too low to be useful.
Perhaps archive.mariadb.org can be moved elsewhere and then the
bandwidth limit can be increased?

Daniel, what do you think?

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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